Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dopt issued clarification on Children Education Allowance

Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pension
Department of Personnel and Training

New Delhi, 21-02-2012


Subject: Children Education Allowance.

Subsequent to issue of Department of Personnel & Training’s O.M. No.12011/03/2008—Estt.(Allowance) dated 2nd September, 2008 and clarifications issued from time to time on the subject cited above, a number of references have been received on certain aspects of Children Education Allowance / Hostel Subsidy. After due consideration of the references, in consultation with the Ministry of Finance, Department of Expenditure, the following modifications/alterations are carried out with effect from the date of issue of this O.M. on pro-rata basis:

i. Development Fee/Parents’ Contribution charged by the school/institution in lieu of tuition fee shall be reimbursed. The Government servant will have to certify to the effect that tuition fee has not been charged by the school/institution.

ii. Fee charged directly by the school/institution for catering to the special needs of the child with disabilities, duly certified by the school authorities, shall be reimbursed in addition to items mentioned in para 1(e) of O.M. dated 2-9-2008. The school/institution shall be aided or approved by the Central/State Government/UT Administration or whose fees are approved by any of these authorities.

iii. The minimum age of 5 years, stipulated in O.M. No.12011/03/2008—Estt.(Allowance) dated 11th November, 2008, for disabled children, pursuing non-formal education or vocational training stands removed. Henceforth, there will be no minimum age for any child for claiming reimbursement of Children Education Allowance/Hostel Subsidy.

2. Cases where reimbursement has been made on the basis of earlier O.M, on the issues need not be reopened.

Hindi version will follow

(Vibha G. Mishra)

Source: www.persmin.nic.in


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Anonymous said...

Why Govt is not considering to give education allowance to the children studying in Engineering /Medical and other Technical or higher educational institute. As there is no provision for reimbursement of such fee. If there is any provision like CEA kindly let us know or Govt. has decided that Govt employee should not provide higher education to their ward.

Teachers' Desk said...

Why Govt is not giving education allowance to the children studying in Engineering /Medical and other Technical or higher educational institutes. We have to pay thousads of rupees on children, Why Govt./Unions not looking anything to help parents. You allow colleges to collect huge amount of fees. But you won't help employees to pay fees, which is burdensome. It is really surprising that a LKG student could get reimbursement, whereas an engineering or medical student got get any support from the Govt.

Anonymous said...

I wish to know if hostel subsidy is reimbursable if the child is studying in a school in the same district.

Anonymous said...

What is the defination of one set of text books and notebooks ? If a child studying in Class III and purchase 45 notebooks @ Rs 45/- each, the amount of Rs 2025/- can be reimbursed under the overall ceiling of Rs 15,000/- P.A.?

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