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Family Planning Allowance at double the existing amount of the Family Planning Allowance - DOPT ORDER

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Government of India

Ministry of Finance

Department of Expenditure


NewDelhi,Dated 24th September,2008.


Subject:- Revision in the rates of Family Planning Allowance for adoption of small family norms following the recommendations of the Sixth Central Pay Commission.


Consequent upon the implementation of the revised pay structure by the Government with effect from 1st January, 2006 on the basis of recommendations of the Sixth Central Pay Commission and in partial modification of this Ministry's O.M.No.6(39)/98-IC.II dated 6th July, 1999, the president is pleased to sanction the revised Family Planning Allowance at double the existing amount of the Family Planning Allowance, subject to a minimum of Rs.210/- per month as indicated in Column 7 of Annexure to this Office Memorandum.

2. The allowance will be related to the Grade Pay corresponding to the post against which the employee concerned had initially earned or will earn the Family Planning Allowance. All other terms and conditions governing the grant of Family Planning Allowance shall remain unchanged.

3. These orders will be effective from 1st September, 2008.

4. In so far as persons serving in the Indian Audit and Accounts Department are concerned, these orders after consultation with the Comptroller and Auditor General of India.

5. Hindi version of this O.M. will follow.

Annexure to O.M.No.7(20)/2008-E.III(A) dated 24th September, 2008
Revised Rates of Family Planning Allowance (FPA) with reference to Revised Pay Bands and Grade Pays for posta carrying present scales in Group 'A','B','C','D' Present ScaleRevised Pay Structure

Present ScalePay Band/
Corresponding Pay BandsGrade PayRate of F P A
(1)S-12550-55-2660-60-3200-1S4,440 - 7,4401,300210
(2)S-22610-60-3150-65-3540-1S4,400 - 7,4401,440210
3.S-2A2610-60-2910-65-3300-70-4000-1S4,440 - 7,4401,600210
4.S-32650-65-3300-70-4000-1S4,440 - 7,4401,650210
5.S-42750-70-3800-75-4400PB-15,200 - 20,2001,800210
6.S-53050-75-3950-80-4590PB-15,200 - 20,2001,900210
7.S-63200-85-4900PB-15,200 - 20,2002,000210
8.S-74000-100-6000PB-15,200 - 20,2002,400210
9.S-84500-125-7000PB-15,200 - 20,2002,800250
10.S-95000-150-8000PB-29,300 - 34,8004,200400
11.S-105500-175-9000PB-29,300 - 34,8004,200400
12.S-116500-200-6900PB-29,300 - 34,8004,200400
13.S-123500-200-10500PB-29,300 - 34,8004,200400
14.S-137450-225-11500PB-29,300 - 34,8004,600450
15.S-147500-250-12000PB-29,300 - 34,8004,800500
16.S-158000-275-13500PB-29,300 - 34,8005400550
17.NewScale8000-175-13500PB-315600 - 391005400550
18.S-169000PB-315600 - 391005400550
19.S-179000-275-9550PB-315600 - 391005400550
20.S-1810325-325-10975PB-315600 - 391006600650
21.S-1910000-325-15200PB-315600 - 391006600650
22.S-2010650-325-15850PB-315600 - 391006600650
23.S-2112000-375-16500PB-315600 - 391007600750
24.S-2212750-375-16500PB-315600 - 391007600750
25.S-2312000-375-18000PB-315600 - 391007600750
26.S-2414300-400-18300PB-437400 - 670008700800
27.S-2515100-400-18300PB-437400 - 670008700800
28.S-2616400-400-20000PB-437400 - 670008900900
29.S-2716400-450-20900PB-437400 - 670008900900
30.S-2814300-450-22400PB-437400 - 67000100001000
31.S-2918400-500-22400PB-437400 - 67000100001000

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Anonymous said...

I was joind as postal Asst on 4-2-1997. i was undergone family planning on 25-10-2005( before joining the job ) can i eligible for family planing allowance, kindly attach rulings

vkkumar said...

Sir.. I have done family planning oeration within the age of 50. At the time of operation my wife's age was 45 years and 2 months. As per rule, age should be within 45 years. By any chance can I get a relaxation of 2 months for my wife's ag ?(consiering the importance of this opertion and less significance to spouse age factor )

kamal said...

Sir, will family planning allowance may revisd with implementation of MACP.
C.B.S.Maitry Ambikapur

Jayaram said...

I have availed HBA and repayment of principal amount is over and now they are dedecting interest. I have been receiving Personal pay for following small family norms. Now I want to get concession 0.5% rebate on HBA interest and hence applied for the same.But the same has been turneddown by the autthorities stating that sanction for 0.5% rebate should have been obtained at tha time of drawing HBA. Further, their contention is since I have alredy repaid the principal amount and paying interest now it is not possible to give concession now. Actualy I was unaware of the procedure and hence not applied for concession when HBA was sanctioned. Can any one help me to resolve this issue. I feel they can recaulculate the intersest and accrdingly 0.5% rebate can be given. Pl.advice me.


Anonymous said...

when a central govt servant is reemployed at the age of 45 yrs his/her F P A (family planning allowance ) is stopped it is under which rule

Anonymous said...

Central govt. teachers in Navodaya vidyalaya samiti who have done Sterilization to get family planning allowance between 1.1.2006 to 23.9.2008, whether the rate of family planning allowance will be sanctioned as per their corresponding grade pay or not? mail me @ :-sidjnvd@gmail.com

p.v.gangadharan said...

Iam goa govt employe,wich is following the centra govt rules.I had done sterilization operatio before Jan 2006 and i was getting family planning allowance as per IV pay commisition. When the circular : F No.7(20)/2008-E.III(A) dt 24 Sept 2008 came, My family planing allowance rewised to Rs 400/- corospondig to grade pay of Rs.4200/-. Later on my grade pay rewised to Rs 4600/ since Jan 2006.Then represened to rewise my personel pay to Rs.450/- corresponding to the grade pay of Rs 4600/-.The Director of Accounts replied that onece it fixed, it will remain throught the service. Kindly intimate thatwhether i can get RS 4600/- or not at the earliest. My E mail Address is:-
Mob No. 9545061779

Pragati Indoria said...

Why Family Planning Allowance is given acc. to Grade Pay. It's a common procedure for all employees.
Everyone have the same pain and facing same problems. My suggestion is that FPA must be same for all. We all are human beings and Group "A" officers have not the special pains so they have not the right to get the highest amount for the same.It must be rectify in the 7th CPC.

Anonymous said...

Sir.. my wife have done family planning operation within the age of 34 date of operation19.06.2014.we have mental retardation two children,age of 12 years and 5 years old,now third child born on 19.06.2014 and Family Planning done same date.Now inform me any relaxation for getting Family Planning Allowance (FPA).

Anonymous said...

I think the amount of FPA must be increased and it must be applied to all private organizations also so that Family Planning schemes get promoted and overall the whole country will come out the problem of increasing population.The central govt. must take care on this important issue also.

narender chittem said...

sir I was joined as a welder in defence factory on 21-01-2011.I was undergone family planning before joining the job on 13-07-2005. can I eligible for family planing allowance, kindly attach ruling. my e mail address is ;chittemnarender@gmail.com

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